Programmes and Services!

Our Programmes!

Ø  Structured Group Tuition Programmes – Pri 1 to JC

Ø  Small group & 1-to-1 Tuition – Pri 4 to JC

Ø  PSLE Intensive Revision Programmes

Ø  PSLE Preparation Workshop

Ø  Creative Writing Programmes

Ø  Sec 1 Preparatory Programmes

Ø  GCE ‘O’ Level Intensive Revision Programmes

Ø  GCE ‘O’ Level Preparation Workshop for Students

Ø  Holiday Boot Camps (Academic)

Ø  DSA Preparation Workshop for Students

Ø  Parenting Workshop (Academic)

Ø  Parenting Workshop (Parenting Skills)

Ø  Holiday Adventure Camps

Ø  Art Enrichment Classes

Our Services!

 ü  Peak Performance Coaching Programme

§   A habit-forming group programme to impart study strategies and success mindset

ü  Peak Performer Coaching for Success by our Life Coaches

§  A personalized programme to coach students towards personal breakthrough and success in school

       ü  Personal Life Coaching

§  Life coaching provides the platform to effect positive personal change and breakthrough in mindsets and performance


Difference between the following forms of Facilitative Psychosocial Practices:




Healing of distressing disorders through relief of suffering and correction of maladaptive habits, attitudes and dysfunction.

Solution of troubling problems through resolutions of dilemmas and improvement of positive coping strategies.

Optimization of unrealized potential through development of talent and refinement of effective skills from unsatisfying, limited (average) performance to enhanced or outstanding effectiveness.

Adapted from “Coaching with the Brain in Mind” by David Rock & Linda J Page, PhD.


ü  Parenting with Purpose

§  A workshop for parents to learn tips and strategies to help your child excel in school

   ü  What's My Potential? 

§  A fun-filled adventure camp for students to discover their strengths and potentials, and learn invaluable lifeskills along the way

ü  DISC Personality Profiling System

§  The DISC Personality Profiling System is a reliable psychometric tool for analyzing personality traits and behaviours in both students and professionals.  This evidence-based system has been used in team building, career planning, conflict resolutions, personal, family and marriage counseling and executive coaching.


Knowing one’s personality profile gives deeper insight into one’s thinking and behavioral patterns and this would accelerate any conscious efforts to bring about positive change and personal growth.


Four behavioral styles are measured by this tool:

D (Dominance):  Measures how a person solves problems and responds to challenges

I (Influence):       Measures how a person attempts to influence or persuade others

S (Steadiness):    Measures the pace at which a person undertakes activities and responsibilities

C (Compliance):  Measures how a person responds to the rules and regulations set by others


ü  Conflict Dynamics Profile® (CDP) Consultation

§  The Conflict Dynamics Profile®, an assessment instrument dealing with conflict behaviours in the workplace, provides a powerful way to improve self-awareness of what triggers conflict in individuals as well as how they respond to conflict. Based on these triggers and responses, the Conflict Dynamics Profile then provides practical approaches for improving behaviours that promote more effective workplace conflict resolution.