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About Us

Eden Learning Place was founded in 2007 with a strong mission to serve the community we are situated in and to empower our students with brain-based learning strategies to excel in school.  Through time-tested learning tools and exam strategies, many of our students have experienced breakthrough in their studies and personal lives.


We provide a wide range of academic structured and customized tuition courses for Primary, Secondary and JC education.  In addition, we have qualified in-house Life Coaches-cum-Teachers who are armed with scientific motivational tools to coach and guide our students towards personal breakthrough in school performance.



Eden Learning Place has come a long way over the years and we have grown in strength and experience to spot and unveil the hidden potentials in our students, and unleash the giant within them.




杜校长在2007年成立了伊甸学习(Eden Learning Place)中心。中心的全职教师都是拥有师范大学文凭,丰富的教学经验的教师团队,为本地学生提供各个学科的课后辅导,造就了无数人才。伊甸学习中心也设计目标性强的课程,全方位预备外地学生准备AEIS政府中小学校入学考试,入校及格率超高。成功进入新加坡中小学及高中的有:圣希尔达小学、康岭小学、洛阳小学、中正总校、德明政府中学、东源中学、英华自主中学及圣安德烈初级学院。



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How is Eden Different? 

Time-Proven Success Formula to maximize your child’s potential


1.     Academic understanding of knowledge

2.     Intensive application of concepts

3.     Life Coaching by dedicated Teachers-cum-Life Coaches

4.     Setting of achievable targets

5.     Building confidence and self-esteem

6.     Challenged to work towards higher goals as foundations are strengthened

7.     Coached towards both academic success and personal breakthrough and growth


8.    Incorporating effective brain-based teaching and learning strategies into our programme to great success



Our Teaching Methodology

3 FUNDAMENTAL METHODS to maximize your child’s potential

ü  Proper coaching and guidance by committed and dedicated full time teachers

ü  Intensive application of concepts

ü  Setting of achievable goals and targets


Desired Learning Outcomes


ü  MASTERY of Subject Knowledge 

ü  Motivated to EXCEL


ü  REFLECTIVE thinkers

ü  LIFE-LONG learners